May Member of the Month: Ken Anderson

“While dealing with the longest achilles tendon issue ever, Ken still makes it in with a list of movements he googled the night before, a solid "lets do this" attitude, and a big smile to be here doing what he can - Because he can!  He also lets me borrow his scooter while he's on the rower.”

-Erin Lavoie, PCF Owner/ Head Trainer


In a few sentences, tell us about your CrossFit journey:

My daughter Molly was the first in our family to embrace Crossfit (if you are ever in New York she’d love to welcome you to Crossfit Queens). She raved about it and I decided to learn more about it. As I did so I became convinced it was a great way to get in better shape. I then forced Sue and KC to join me!

Where were you? What have you lost?

I was a stereotypical upper 50-something person in that life got in the way of staying in shape. I think the biggest thing I have lost is fear of not being good enough to do CrossFit. And that fear went away almost immediately because of the Predation community.....welcoming, supportive, and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.

Where are you now? What have you gained?

I’m getting better all the time. The “longest Achilles’ tendon issue ever” (as Erin called it) has been a hurdle but my passion for what we do at Predation led me to find ways to continue to workout. I have gained a great appreciation for the Crossfit philosophy and much respect for what everyone does on a daily basis at Predation.

What nutrition knowledge are you applying?

I’m way more mindful of both the quantity and the quality of the food I eat. We try to eat as clean as possible and as consistent with Paleo principles as we can. It’s a process but the information provided by Predation and Angela has been very beneficial.

What would you tell your friends about Predation and Live Well nutrition coaching?

From a workout perspective, there’s something for everyone. The coaches make sure that everyone, regardless of skill or injuries, can get in a great workout. The knowledge and commitment of the coaches is awesome. From a community perspective it couldn’t be a better place to workout. I absolutely love going to Predation.

Jordan Springer