Live Well.

“Eat real food. Move daily. Live well.”


Meet Angela

I was an athlete from a young age, and had always been fascinated with human movement and biomechanics. So naturally, I went to Oregon State University earning a BS in Exercise and Sport Science. While at OSU I competed on the rowing team for four years and further developed my passion for functional fitness. For the first time had a deep appreciation for optimal nutrition driving my athletic performance. I could see how the things I put in my body were either giving me energy or stealing my energy.  After college I wanted to find a way to integrate my love of whole foods nutrition and fitness, and spread the word that holistic health is NOT about dieting, supplements, and weight loss, it is about honoring your unique set of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors to achieve optimal health. I went on to earn my certification in Integrative Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and continue my athletic pursuits as a CrossFit coach.

Angela’s Approach

I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for you.  I believe that everyone is uniquely different and no two people thrive on exactly the same dietary styles. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good/bad foods, I coach you to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these pieces accumulate, you’ll find these changes collectively creating a much larger impact than you originally anticipated. We work on what you want to improve within the circumstances of your unique situation.

I believe that food is so much more than just fuel; it is medicine. With this philosophy, I aim to change your life by reducing risk factors for disease, and helping you achieve strength and vitality so you can live a balanced and beautiful life. 

Nutrition Coaching

1 Month Meal Plan $50

In-Person Meeting $40hr

After a complimentary health session, Angela will work to create a custom program for you, establishing the best methods to help you reach your goals!