Upcoming Events


Annual PCF 12hr Competition!

The PCF family is truly like no other, and the annual 12 Hour event is like Christmas for everyone involved. A workout every hour on the hour for 12 hours seems insane, but these people made every second so much fun!

Holiday Schedule!

During the 4th of July holiday, we will have an abbreviated class schedule, but keep an eye out for more information about our offsite WOD that Saturday. Come hang out with the gym family, and celebrate the freedoms we are afforded!

Recipe Spotlight!
Moroccan Chicken

Head on over to this blog post for the full recipe recommended by our integrative health coach, Angela Miller. Spicy, delicious, healthy and oh so simple! Check it out!


Thanks for your service!

We hope everyone had a great time grilling, letting off fireworks and celebrating the freedoms we are afforded.


Member of the Month

Blake Miller

Power over the body is incredible, but power of the mind is what sets you apart. Blake has been nursing an injury, but instead of accepting the frustration, he works through it, swallows his pride and consistently proves that his strength sets him apart.


Nutrition Coaching

With a new diet trend every month, (vegan, carnivore, keto, gluten free, paleo) it can be really hard to figure out what to eat, and when you’re fueling a new workout regime, it can get even more complicated. We offer personalized one-on-one nutrition coaching to help you every step of the way!


Annual 12hr Comp

The annual PCF tradition was conquered in May! It was a full day of fun, pain and ridiculously awesome people.


New to CrossFit?

Never fear! We welcome every(body) that wants to join the Predation Crossfit family. Whether you’re the stay-at-home mom or the world champion athlete, we have a place for you! If you’re completely new to Crossfit, contact us to schedule your free assessment!