April Member of the Month: Alan Steinolfson


In a few sentences, tell us about your CrossFit journey:

I was introduced to Crossfit In 2011 while living in Helena, MT.  I watched a Crossfit competition at a city park and instantly fell in love.  A Crossfit membership did not fit in my budget but I followed Crossfit and did workouts on my own until 2016 when I finally pulled the trigger and joined Predation.  Initially, I worked out twice a week at 5:30pm and the class always had a low turnout. I can’t tell you the number of times it was only me and maybe one other person with Erin, Amy or Chance coaching.  On days I didn’t go to Predation, I went to a traditional gym and worked relentlessly on the movements I had learned at Predation. (DU’s, Toes2Bar, Handstands) Turns out, all that one on one time and extra individual work paid off immensely!  Nowadays, I only workout at Predation, I go 5-6 days a week, switched to mornings and I am currently studying for my L1 Training Certificate.

Where were you? What have you lost?

Prior to Crossfit I worked out alone at traditional gyms, with one day a week taking a group Sports Conditioning class.  Because of this I pretty much only used cardio machines, strength machines and dumbbells. (static movements) I really had no experience with barbells and weight plates.  I felt fit and healthy but now realize I never truly was. I was unable to do functional movements efficiently. I would be in a situation that involved lifting or moving a heavy object and because there were no handles in the perfect position, (like a machine) I couldn’t move or lift it!  I didn’t realize what I was missing by not doing functional fitness.

Where are you now? What have you gained?

I’m completely comfortable with a loaded barbell in my hands now.  I had no PR’s prior to Predation since working out alone doesn’t allow you to go very heavy.  Erin’s programming has allowed me to increase weight on all the major lifts and has me feeling comfortable and in control with a heavy bar.  I used to be intimidated when we would lift in groups because I couldn’t go very heavy. I have realized the amount of weight on your bar doesn’t matter, everyone focuses more on your form and making sure you’re safe.  I have also earned a spot on a board in the gym for a top time for the signature WOD and have survived one Predation 12-Hour, with hopefully more in the future.

What nutrition knowledge are you applying?

I read labels and primarily look for organic, natural, low-sugar/sugar-free and often gluten free options.   The downside to this, trips to the grocery store are more expensive and take a lot longer than they used to! I started talking with Angela about lifestyle and nutritional changes last summer and since then I’ve really cleaned up my diet.  I ate a typical bachelor diet – processed foods, pre-made microwavable meals and high sugar foods. I’ve really branched out in the kitchen over the last year and regularly prepare meals with ingredients I had either never tried before or only tried when dining out.  I don’t think I would have done it without Angela’s suggestions and challenges.

What would you tell your friends about Predation and Live Well nutrition coaching?

At Predation, you are not just a member, we are more like a family – we rip on each other during warm ups and later cheer for each other during tough workouts.  No one cares or judges if you have to scale a workout, the fact you show up and workout is all that matters. You will meet many awesome people at Predation and eventually your new friendships will grow beyond the walls of Predation.  

I have to say, working with Angela with Live Well Nutrition Coaching has changed my life!  Since working with her, I’ve lost over 10 pounds and almost entirely changed the foods and products I purchase.  I can’t imagine going back to the lifestyle I had before of eating pre-packaged, mass processed foods. Whenever I have a question or want feedback, she’s more than happy to talk with me and send me resources of science backed research.  She’s been a great resource to help me through this big lifestyle change and I can’t thank her enough!