About Us

Predation (Pre-da-tion): The act or practice of being a predator.  To capture prey as means of survival.

The unifying theme in all classifications of predation is the predator lowering the fitness of its prey by bettering its own fitness, or put another way, it reduces its prey's chances of winning and takes home the prize for itself.  

CrossFit: Safely training for life's demands.  Constantly varied, high intensity, Functional movements.  Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

Predation CrossFit:  Training for the unknown.  Staying on top of the food chain and staying fit enough to enjoy life and take care of yourself for as long as possible.  

Predation CrossFit was founded out of necessity.  After we tried to work out at the other gyms we discovered something was lacking.  At the big gyms we couldn’t do the workouts we wanted, and at the smaller ones we thought personality and attention to detail was absent.  Both of us are not new to fitness; Erin, a world champion in Lumberjack Sports and Chance, a Navy SEAL, together can promise to bring something to Spokane like no other.  We can train on multiple fitness levels and tailor a program for the individual all the while keeping that group or family type atmosphere.  With commitment from you, we promise to make your goals our goals, and your concerns our concerns.  If you’re new to CrossFit, a Veteran, or someone who just has questions about this type of lifestyle, come in to Predation CrossFit and let us show you what we are made of.

The right box and the right people
to get you where you need to be.