Predation - (Pre-day-shun) The act or practice of being a predator. We attack our fitness head on, becoming the predator to our weaknesses.

Predation CrossFit was founded out of necessity.  After trying to find work at other gyms, Erin found something was lacking. The big gyms allowed free reign, but the small gyms lacked personality and attention to detail. Erin Lavoie, owner and co-founder of Predation Crossfit, has never been new to fitness. Growing up in sports like soccer, volleyball and baseball only lead her to becoming a World Champion LumberJill.

The gym family at Predation is multifaceted, and we tailor a fitness program to meet everyone’s goals. Whether you’re more interested in weightlifting, need some nutritional guidance or completely new to Crossfit, the coaches at Predation will lead you to success.


New to Crossfit?


We welcome EVERYBODY that wants to change their life, but if you’ve never utilized this style of training before, we would like to schedule some one on one introductory time! Just call or message us to schedule a free assessment!

We can get to know each other and determine a game plan. Some people need a one day introductory course and others may need a couple weeks. Either way, we will familiarize you with our facility, the coaches and the fundamental Crossfit movements and cues. After graduating from your Intro Class, you are free to join the group classes at any session you find convenient.